I love to travel and I love taking photos. Meeting and photographing people on my travels is my ultimate passion.

Inspired by different cultures and diversity I have visited some remote places in Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands and met some amazing people on my way. I have been lucky to experience their hospitality, listen to their stories and just hang around with locals. Most of the time I travel with my family so we can share these special moments together.

For the past few years I have been taking photos of the people I meet in villages, especially the children. I return to some of the places to see children grow and stories evolve. If I am not able to visit again I send the photos to them. Most of the children have never had their portrait taken. It makes me so happy to watch them giggling when receiving the photos.
Having met some of these beautiful people with big hearts who are full of appreciation and gratitude for life despite the harsh reality of daily living – I have decided to help them.
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